Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon
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 Utah Travel Center National ParksBryce Canyon • Wildlife

Take time to see the wildlife up-close.
Go on an Animal Safari.

Bryce Canyon, with its forests and meadows, supports an incredible variety of animal life. The smallest of the animals found in the canyon are the rodents. There are many different kinds that live in the canyon and many different predators that hunt them. Some of the rodents are; chipmunks, pine squirrels, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, marmots, mice woodrats and gophers.

Bryce CanyonDuring the summer, porcupines feed on bark, berries nuts, wildflowers and leaves. When the winters are particularly harsh, the porcupine is sometimes forced to feed on young ponderosa pine and other small trees for food. Because of their sharp quills can be deadly to most carnivores, porcupines do not have many natural enemies.

Bryce CanyonThe Desert Bighorn Sheep is one of the more rare of the animals in Bryce Canyon. These large and majestic mammals are usually active during the day, feeding morning, noon and in the evening and then lying down to chew their cud. Because of their superior eyesight and agility, bighorn sheep have very few natural predators. Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling because of the destruction of their natural habitat.

The bobcat is North America's most common wild cat yet it is also the least seen. The bobcat is a nocturnal animal so most people will rarely see it as it hunts for its nightly meal. They mostly feed on rabbits but will also eat smaller rodents when food is hard to find. The male of the species is also known for taking down deer during the winter months.

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Other animals found in the park are: Elk, Mountain lion(cougar, panther, or puma), Black bear, Mule deer, Blue grouse, Ravens, Hawks, Eagles, Ringtail cat, Foxes, Coyotes

Bryce Canyon National Park Information
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