Capitol Reef
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Capitol Reef
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 Utah Travel Center National ParksCapitol ReefWildlife

Take time to see the wildlife up-close.
Go on an Animal Safari.
Capitol Reef
Capitol Reef Wildlife
There are several different types of animal species inside the park. Because of the fleeting water, many of the animals are scarce at times when there is no water. However when there is water you will find an abundance of wildlife such as the Ringtail Cat, Fox, and Coyote. Some of the more common animals are Lizards, Deer, chipmunks and Squirrels.
Coyotes are a small species of wild dog of reddish, brownish, or even black color that are often mistaken for wolves. Because they do their hunting for small rodents at night, dawn or dusk, humans rarely see them.
Capitol Reef
Capitol Reef
Mule Deer
The mule deer, also known as the black-tailed deer, can be distinguished from other deer by its large ears. It is the mountain lion's favorite meal. They feed mainly on shrubs, leafy plants, and grass.
Mountain Lion
Also known as the cougar, panther, and puma, the mountain lion is a very shy and curious animal. They are fast and strong, capable of bringing down a large deer and can be a dangerous threat to humans if proper behavior is not exercised when in their presence. Check with park rangers to learn proper behavior while in the park.
Capitol Reef
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