Central Utah- 6,126,225 acres

This district includes over six million acres stretched across seven counties. The Little Sahara Recreation Area offers off-highway vehicle enthusiasts 60,000 acres of fun in the sun and sand. Yuba, Otter Creek and Koosharem Reservoirs are popular for fishing and water recreation. The only wild and free-roaming bison herd hunted in the continental United States is in this district’s Henry Mountains.

The Richfield Office sits in the center of Utah. The Henry Mountains are a massive point of reference, reaching almost 12,000 feet at the top of Mt. Ellen. Whether you’re a hiker, camper, or just like to drive through the mountains, you’ll find your niche in the beauty of the Henry’s. This range is one of the few places in the country where a buffalo herd roams freely. Hog Springs, surrounded by slick, red walls of southern Utah’s desert is a beautiful picnic area along the Bicentennial Scenic Byway. It’s a perfect place to hike and see rock art.

Address 150 E. 900 N., Richfield, UT 84701


The Fillmore Field Office is located in the western part of Utah in the Basin and Range province called the Great Basin. This area is dominated by Notch Peak and Swasey Peak, both reaching nearly 10,000 feet high. At one time this whole area was part of Lake Bonneville and measured over 1,000 feet deep, 145 miles wide, and 346 miles long. This massive lake dominated the landscape for at least 15,000 years, as it evaporated it left behind Utah’s largest free-moving sand dune field, now the little Sahara Recreation Area. The dunes are an ideal sand buggy playground, while the surrounding mountains are a challenge for off-road vehicles.

Address 35 E. 500 N, Fillmore, UT 84631


Main Office

150 E. 900 N., Richfield, Utah 84701